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Inavan Director -Sujith M

Welcome To Inavan

Under the leadership of our director Sujith M, Inavan had grown a lot in last 20 years.  Started as Ditro Advanced Technologies, we had seen the ups and downs of the information technology industry, but successfully overcame all those hurdles – thanks to our dedicated and committed team members who had been with us all the time providing their wholehearted support.

In Inavan, under Sujith’s management, we believe that not only the times are changing, people too change – so is their vision on facing problems, to work and to move ahead in life.  This is what it defines us as a company, that we adapt, understand the projects and make them to reality.

We are an old company but with a young team, experienced, with quick responsiveness, with strong foundations but with freshness in the resolution of situations, with much knowledge and with desire to learn.  We like risk and taking up challenges.  We are not afraid as we believe in ourselves and our team.

We like technology, we are technicians, we are programmers but above all we like people, our team and our customers.  With them – our team and clients – we could develop innovative projects that motivate us to study more, to want to know more to improve day by day.

When we established Ditro, 20 years ago, we were in Infopark but we moved because we believe the future is not related to the place where we are in, instead, our future is in the people.

“Provide customers with quality solutions and not more problems”

With an inspiring lineup of highly skilled and motivated professionals, Inavan is now highly competent to take up challenges and meet the objectives in a professional and purely customer oriented approach. With our offshore development centers spread across continents, customers can get in touch with the team members round the clock and the coordination between the development centers always makes the customer feel that they have a single point of contact. We have dedicated customer support team at all development centers that are accessible to customers at any point of time.

Why Inavan?

  • Customized solutions, tailor-made to customer requirements.
  • Innovative thinking using latest technologies.
  • Secure and flexible outputs.
  • Your Always taking care of customer business and promotions.
  • Post development support services.
  • Talented professionals.
  • Systematic approach.

Meet Our Team

Sujith M
Sujith MDirector
Krishnakumar K A
Krishnakumar K AChief Operating Officer

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