Our Projects

Our Projects

Some of the projects we had implemented in the recent past…

Virtual trainer for indoor games

Artificial Intelligence with deep neural networks to analyze gesture, pose and actions of players and guide them on productive scoring in games


  • Court detection & extraction

  • Shake removal & video compression

  • Ball detection & tracking

  • Ball bounce detection

  • Player detection, tracking & re-identification

  • Pose & action recognition

  • Scoring analysis & prediction

Virtual trainer for indoor game
Passenger detection, count and tracking system

Passenger detection, count and tracking system (PoC)

Proof of concept developed using artificial intelligence with deep learning and the objective was to analyze surveillance camera footages from a train compartment and to count the number of passengers and empty seats.  Also had to track passengers and count the number of passengers boarding/alighting the train at each station.


  • Count & track passengers inside the coach

  • Count & track empty and occupied seats

  • Track passengers enter/exit the coach

  • Re-identify passengers moving within the coach

Industrial defect detection and classification

Using deep learning with computer vision and image processing, identify the defects detected on products directly in the production line and classify them according to the defects found.

  • Detect defects on products directly in production line

  • Classify detected defects with multiple classes

  • Alert the PLC system when defects found

  • Retrain system with new defects detected

  • Generate reports through APIs with the defects detected

Detect and classify defects
Vehicle detection and license plate recognition

Vehicle detection, classification and license place recognition

Realtime detection, classification and counting of vehicles passing through the freeway.  License plate detection and recognition with deep learning and OCR libraries

  • Identify vehicles and classify them

  • Count each type of vehicles crossing the reference line

  • Detect license plate on vehicles

  • Image processing with OCR on license plates

  • Generate reports on the data collected and send through APIs

Web application for resource geo-positioning

Web application which helps to geo-locate resources available in different countries

  • Presentation of geographical locations around the world

  • Retrieve user’s location and displays the details pertaining to that area

  • Display the satellite map of user’s location, along with current weather conditions, services available around that area, nearby places, photos & videos related to that location, etc.

  • Provision to add user comments on a specific area and the services available there, which are publicly displayed

Resource geo-positioning web application
E-commerce application with ERP synchronization

E-commerce application with ERP synchronization

E-commerce application developed for the management of 160,000+ products and their online sale and synchronization with customer’s ERP system.

  • Online shopping cart with multi-mode payment gateways and selection of preferred shipping carriers

  • Synchronization of customers and their orders, which considers both orders done through web application and directly at the customer point of sales

  • Stock management by synchronizing with ERP system and proper updates on product stock quantities available to be purchased through the web application

  • Track shipments with up to the date information retrieved from the warehouse with mail alerts to users

Client-Server application to manage documents, images and videos

Huge number of documents scanned and stored on the server to be delivered to end users through web and desktop client applications

  • Multiple documents scanned and stored on the server to be securely delivered to authorized end users

  • Authorized users managed through multi-role settings in order to make sure that only authorized users get the required information

  • Tagging of documents along with searching data using these tags

  • Activity reports for administrators on user-wise and time-wise with export options to CSV/Excel/PDF

Client-Server application

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