Opensource vs Freesource, do you know the difference?

//Opensource vs Freesource, do you know the difference?

Opensource vs Freesource, do you know the difference?

Exactly “open source” is not the same as “free software”, although in the practice the users usually identify both terms without considering what are their differences or as it happens in the majority of the occasions with a total ignorance of them. The open source software movement can be considered as a branch of the free software movement that uses a pragmatic orientation as a strategy to promote free programming that gives fundamental importance to the availability of the source code of the programs and forgets the rest of the freedoms and moral and ethical aspects. The supporters of the open source movement had the belief that the quality of the technical aspects would be the ones that would attract the most interest of the companies for the free software of which they considered themselves legitimate representatives. The main criticism that Richard Stallman makes of this position is that his pragmatism distracts users from the central moral questions and the freedoms that truly base free software.

In fact, the denomination of << open code >> was originally proposed to avoid a possible misunderstanding with the term «free software», but soon adopted an orientation and objectives different from the original movement, creating itself as an independent movement starting of 1998.

Currently open source is the engine and the basis of development mainly in PHP with platforms with WordPress, Prestashop or Moodle that lead it in different business sectors.

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