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Server Administration

If you are looking for a trustworthy team to take care of your web or application servers, Inavan will be the right choice. We are currently managing about 800 servers from different parts of the world and our efficient server administrators take care of the server health round the clock through remote access tools. We have Microsoft, Cisco & RedHat certified professionals with ample experience to take care of all your servers, no matter whether they are Windows or Linux based.

For us to manage a server, we don’t need to be physically present near the server, but with the sophisticated and secure utilities to access the whole server remotely will be sufficient. Our server administration team is available all the time and once they take care of a server, all the security hardening, monitoring, fixings, etc. will be done by them promptly and foolproof. They will be taking regular backups and just in case of any system failure, the latest backup can be restored within no time. If your server is located inside a datacenter, our team will be coordinating with the datacenter technicians for any physical assistance from their side.

So, in short, once you give us the opportunity to manage your server, you need not worry about that at all and our team members are committed to make the server up and running round the clock.

Hosting support

InavanHosting Support  has been into web hosting and server support business for the past 20 years and has got a proven track record of maintaining server health for our customers since then. We are already managing around 2500 servers at our data center as well as for external hosting providers. Our well expert engineers are well versed with all latest server administration technologies both on Windows and Linux platforms.

Our team is highly dedicated and committed to customer needs and is always in the forefront to make sure all the servers managed by us are 100% up and secure. By providing multilingual support (currently on English & Spanish) , we are capable of serving to customers across the world.

We have got offices in Spain  & India to provide world class support solutions to our esteemed customers. Upholding our motto of providing right solutions on right time, we ensure that our customers need not be concerned on their server health any time.

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